Renita is an ambitious, motivated, and creative entrepreneur that has a great sense of humor. The first time I met her I noticed a maturity in her that stood out among her peers. I have the privilege of getting to know many bright scholars with talent and ambition. What makes Renita  unique is her grit and persistence. She challenges herself in everything she does and holds herself to the highest of standards. She embodies the caring and honest nature you would want in a friend and the aptitude and drive that you would want in a business partner. As big of a success as I expect her to be, I am confident she expects more. She will certainly deserve it.

-Scott Thole
Chicago HOPE Scholars


Your presentation was just plain fun – or, at least, as fun as a presentation like this one can be! I appreciated the creativity. I appreciated the energy. I appreciated, even more than both of those things, the fact that the creativity and energy did not get in the way of some really great research, great thought, and great work. I have not previously seen a business team use the very simple “ruler” approach to benchmarking competitors as you did; it was clean, straightforward, and highly effective. Candidly, there is little your team could have done to deliver a better project. It was a pleasure to watch.
Overall: Top of the heap. Congratulations on a truly excellent job and on a “win” with this one. Thanks for showing the class how it’s done.

-Dr. Elissa Grossman
Associate Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship
USC Marshall School of Business


I have the highest regard for Renita’s motivation, integrity and character. She has excellent verbal and written communication skills, and is equally articulate when she speaks one-on-one or gives a presentation to a large group. She is well liked by her professors and fellow students, and she exhibits considerable leadership skills- planning, organizing, executing, and controlling group assignments and projects. I can enthusiastically recommend her. I am sure she will be successful at whatever she does.

-Dr. Ira Kalb
Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing
USC Marshall School of Business


Based on Renita’s work ethic and desire to learn, I am confident that she will be successful in the fast-paced environment for which she is aiming. She always comes well prepared for class-physically and mentally-often profoundly contributing to class discussions. Her work in and out of the classroom is well done. Renita is an engaged learner and is tenacious in seeing that her work is done to the best of her ability. She takes a genuine interest in acquiring knowledge for the sake of self-improvement and is not solely interested in achieving an impressive grade. Her questions are consistently thoughtful and insightful.

-Dr. Zivia Wilson Sweeney
Assistant Professor of Clinical Accounting
USC Marshall School of Business


Renita is a bright, focused, and mature young leader. Every time I work with Renita, she is professional, positive, and insightful. We should all be supporting young leadership like her in the entrepreneurial and tech space!

-Keri Teplitzky (Foley)
Program Manager
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship


What I admire most about Renita is her charisma and leadership. She is comfortable in all situations and, even more remarkable, her empathy and listening skills ensures that everyone around her is comfortable also. In class, Renita found it easy to take on leadership roles and motivate others to achieve excellence in class projects. I have observed Renita working on many group projects and seen first-hand her skill in focusing on the project and, at the same time, making the work fun and enjoyable.

In my entrepreneurship class, Renita shined in her ability to bring out the best in everyone she encountered. She enlisted mentors and used their feedback to craft an outstanding business plan. Renita’s ability to form a team, take on a project, and deliver results is a valuable resource in any academic or business setting.

-Joan Kane
Business & Entrepreneurship Educator


As a former Program Director for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, I had the pleasure of watching Renita Williams demonstrate a heightened level of entrepreneurial spirit.  Not only does she have vision, but she also possesses the drive and communications skills to successfully implement her plans. What really stood out for me was her ability to develop cogent marketing plans.  Renita has a demonstrated inclination for marketing and promotion.  She clearly defined a target market and developed a creative, but still effective, approach.  I truly enjoyed my interactions with this talented individual.

-Maurice Woods
Chief Strategy & Operations Officer
Broward County Public Schools